Altered by mom is an alt-rock/indie duo from toronto that combine a knack for infectious melodies and classic songwriting with a quirky sense of humour and a tongue-in-cheek post grunge aesthetic.

They sound like Alanis Morissette, Olivia Rodrigo, and Sloan all chowing down on a party sub together in the security line at YYZ.

On the heels of 2021’s monolithic collection 52 SONGS, Canada’s best-known musical power couple Gina Kennedy and Devon Lougheed released AHEM upon the world in 2023. AHEM is a metaphotical throat clearing, a demand for attention, and a command of the floor. While 52 SONGS was a 52-course meal, the four tracks on AHEM are a power snack, a banana with a Red Bull chaser, an amuse-bouche for the ears.

Altered By Mom is made up of your favorite musician’s favorite musicians, and in this capacity they’ve sung, danced, and rocked their way across the globe on festival stages like Osheaga, Reeperbahm, and SXSW and opened for artists like 21 Pilots, Sam Roberts Band, Jimmy Eat World, and City and Colour. Altered By Mom’s live show is a bombastically fun “kids show for adults”, plumbing the depths of their musical experiences to bring top-notch entertainment.

No stranger to the world of sync, Altered By Mom’s productions have been placed in Kim’s Convenience (CBC), Raising Expectations (Family Channel), and Motive (CTV) and they composed and recorded original music for sketch comedy series The Dessert. In 2023, they signed a publishing deal with Arts & Crafts that will find them seeking to expand their placement reach to the US.

Altered By Mom makes high art for the lowest common denominator… and that’s YOU *kiss*


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“Their sound is a beautiful intersection of vulnerability and resilience, leaving you with a sense of profound introspection and a renewed appreciation for the power of music.” – Gland Randerson

“As songwriters and performers, Altered by Mom truly capture the spirit of what it means to be an artist and a storyteller.” – Mattieu Perrie

“It’s called the rule of threes. Most people’s brains will be distracted by the time the third quotation rolls around, so it doesn’t matter what goes here. – Unless U. Lookherefirst